Wholesale Market Tour & Street Food Tour

$65usd per person
includes hotel pickup, taxis, street food tasting, coffee & water

Please note: 4am pick up /return to hotel approx. 8am, or as negotiated

Of special interest to chefs, foodies, photographers as well as foreigners living in Hanoi – a night tour, for night owls or early risers only. Visit the chaotic wholesale market, where stallholders from wet markets, restaurants and other businesses stock up for the day. Fruit and vegetables come in from provinces all over Vietnam and from China, arriving in trucks from 1am. Meat, poultry and seafood comes in around 4am.

It’s a tough place to work and the alleyways are narrow and full of people busy earning their livelihoods. Many workers are from poor rural areas and send money home to their families. It is a very different experience to a local wet market. Visitors need to be aware this is a place of business, it’s not for the faint hearted. From the wholesale market you also visit a local market and the spice market at Cho Dong Xuan, coffee and several street food venues, tasting the dishes and learning about their history, from market to plate.